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ROC analysis

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statical services for clinical research
statistical services

Statistical services for diagnostic medicine and clinical research
Welcome to ACOMED statistics!

SEE ALSO THE WEBSITE (IN ENGLISH) OF ADDSTAT, which is the trading name of ACOMED statistics

ACOMED statistics (Dr. Thomas Keller, Leipzig, Germany) provides statistical services (design, biometrics, analyses, consulting) for clinical research and diagnostic medicine. International diagnostic companies as well as start-ups, CRO's, clinical labs and university groups belong to ACOMED statistic's customers (see references). ACOMED statistics is suited in Leipzig (Germany). More information about ACOMED statistics - click here.

Following services are provided:

Diagnostic medicine: evaluation of diagnostic accuracy in diagnostic studies

Design and analysis of diagnostic studies, ROC-analyses
Method evaluation (precision (CLSI EP05), LoQ, LoD, method comparison & bias (CLSI EP09), diagnostic accuracy, etc. according to CLSI guidelines

Statistics for clinical research, life-science research

Life science research (Design and analyses for Life Science Research)

Clinical trials

Design (e.g. study protocol, SAP, sample size) and analyses of clinical trials with SAS®

Other Statistical Analyses

We perform statistical analysess of your data using statistical software like SAS®, SPSS® and others

Training, lectures, seminars

Statistical Training (Statistics, diagnostic medicine, special topics)

Statistical consulting for IvD industry and investors

ACOMED statistik provides statistical consulting for regarding and discuss design of clinical studies, design of experiments and/or design of products together with customer. Your studies are planned in way that intended use and clinical situation is appropriately considered. Consulting is also provided for investment companies which want to invest in IvD companies.

statistical services
statistical services ROC curve ROC curve