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ACOMED statistics - service provider for statistical analyses with SAS®

ACOMED statistics uses commercial software for analyses.

Statistical software used by ACOMED statistics:

  • Statistical Analyses: SAS® 9.2, SPSS® 15.0/18.0, R

  • Evaluation of Diagnostic Accuracy, Method Validation: internal programs and macros written in SAS® 9.2. Additionally, software Medcalc® and Analyse-It® are used.

  • Sample Size Estimation: NQuery Advisor® 6.0, PASS 2007, Internal tools (especially for joined hypothesis testing as in diagnostic studies)

  • Internal tools:For scientists want to analyse data theirselves, MS-Excel-tools are available. Click here

Analyses using these software are conducted according to an internal SOP-system.

Using SAS (or SPSS syntax and SPSS 15.0/18.0 production mode facility), ACOMED statistics can provide analyses performed under regulated conditions (complete traceability, exclusion of any manipulation of data and output).

In addition, ACOMED statistics provides software-tools, scripts and syntax.

However, commercial software suffers sometimes from incompatibilities or non-availibility due to customer related problems, handling, graphics or modern statististical methods etc. In that case, internal routines have to be developed.

  • In case of graphics and easy-to-use-properties MS®-Excel tools are the best choice.

  • In terms of modern statistical methods, programs written in R ( are very helpful.

  • In order to reach complete traceability and to exclude any manipulation in a formal way, application of SAS® is appropriate. In addition, SPSS syntax used in SPSS production mode facility (with automatically generated pdf-output) might be a good choice.

Some examples of Excel-Tools are given at the Download-Page (free Download of Statistical Excel-Tools, [german language]). ROC curve MS Excel software tools for drawing ROC curves, calculating and comparing ROC curve indices are available in a webshop.

For analysis of method validation experiments and diagnostic studies, internal SAS programs and macros are used.

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