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E. Meisel: Der Kuss der Amphibie (
, Diagnostic likelihood ratio, DLR

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Software-Tools (statistical tests, sample size):
Download of free-of-charge MS Excel tools

For statistical consulting and seminars, I have programmed few tools in MS Excel. You can download them here free of charge. They should work with all MS Excel-Versions. The files contain a short description of methodology, and an example.

Please notice: I try to program the tools to deliver valid results. They were checked to be free of viruses etc. However, I cannot guarantee validity and free-of-virus status. There is no liability in terms of validity of results and free-of-virus state of the tools.

Unfortunalely, most of tools are described etc. in German. I try to translate the tools step by step. If you need an English version, please send me an E-mail. I will use your request to setup an English version :-)

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