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A. Sikoralski, Leipzig: Die wahre ROC-Kurve
disease cluster

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Information about ACOMED statistics: Dr. Thomas Keller, Leipzig, Germany

Dr. Thomas Keller Dr. Thomas Keller, who was the founder of ACOMED statistik, is working as an independent supplier of statistical services.

Dr. Thomas Keller (*1961) studied physics in Leipzig, Germany. After his theses in biophysics about energy-metabolism in rat heart investigated by 31P-NMR-in-vivo-spectroscopy in 1991, he worked at INSERM and CNRS-institutes in Paris/France for one year. After some additional years as a assistant in the biophysical institute at Leipzig university, he entered a biotech company as head of research and development unit in 1995. The subject of the company (now: pes Diagnose-Systeme GmbH) was to develop hard- and software solutions for multiparameter laboratory diagnostics. Both software-solutions (fuzzy-logic software tools) and hardware-solutions (multiparameter immuno-optic biosensor) required diagnostic studies and laboratory evaluation / validation. Beside product development, Dr. Thomas Keller was responsible for design, organisation and analysis of these evaluations and studies. From several trainings, cooperations with leading clinical chemists and lot of work Dr. Thomas Keller has got varied and profound experiences in statistics, biometrics, clinical trials etc.

Within the last years, ACOMED statistik has been able to connect custom-related services, scientific research and training to a very successful business. In concordance with this development, an internal quality management and SOP system has been established. In 2009, Dr. Thomas Keller has become a member (observer) of subcommittee of CLSI developing new version of guideline EP09 (method comparison and bias). This milestone is a further step for a continuous and stable growth of ACOMED statistik.

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